Welcome Mindful Caregivers!

Welcome to the Mindful Caregiver Club! 

This private club pass includes:

Caregiver OM ZONE wellness programming for all body types and needs. All folx are welcome here!

✔️ Need some self-care?

✔️ Are you working hard running low on energy and need someone else to hold the space for you? Don't worry we got you!

✔️ ON-DEMAND yoga + mindfulness recordings you can access from any mobile device!

✔️ All sessions vary in 15-30- & 60 minute options.

✔️ Career advancement resources.

✔️ Private group chat with other Mindful Caregivers across the globe.

✔️ Journal Prompts

✔️ Special discounts with companies that support our nanny careers!

✔️ Printables, activities & resources!

RESET. REALIGN. RECLAIM your caregiving body and mind!

You will become a PRO at

✔️ Advocating for yourself

✔️ Creating the space to move emotions and stress through yoga, and LIVE coaching

✔️ Practice the art of living a life on purpose through mindfulness

✔️ Learn what self-care means to you!

✔️ PLUS ~ this is a no-judgment zone. Enjoy your classes all from the comfort of your home.  

✔️ SAVE BIG with this membership! Private sessions with Alexaraye Vallejo are $120 per hour. 

Can't wait to see you there! 

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12 Modules


Caregiver OM ZONE Virtual Yoga Classes

Welcome to your Caregiver OM ZONE

Here you will access your monthly yoga sessions tailored specifically for caregivers of children.

You have access to a series of yoga sessions you can pull from at anytime listed in this module. These yoga sessions will give you the opportunity to practice in between our LIVE sessions. The LIVE sessions will also be recorded and uploaded into this platform as well. Please allow some time for these to be uploaded.

Nanny Coaching & Webinars


You will find recorded caregiving coaching calls to hell you navigate your most pressing nanny questions.

We have special guests featured monthly! From childcare providers, early child educators, therapists, doctors, authors and more we offer a variety of experts to support your caregiving needs. 

Want to submit your questions to be answered on the calls? Click here to submit your questions.

You are invited to join our monthly calls LIVE. All participants who join LIVE will have their answers tended to first. 

When are the LIVE calls? 

Free caregiver coaching calls.

12 noon(PST)

Every first and third Sunday of the month!
(Except holidays & during our trainings 2x per year)

Register here to join the live calls and you will be emailed a direct link to join. 

Feel free to email me directly here if you have any special guest requests.


Welcome to the Podcast Resources for Nannies!

We hope you enjoy these podcasts to support your family and nanny needs!

Read the full article here for this podcast.

All opinions and information given during The Mindful Care Collective L.L.C training resources provided are that of the presenter and do not necessarily reflect the views of The Mindful Care Collective L.L.C.  


The CPR information on this platform is in no way a substitute for a CPR or AED infant or adult certification. The tools listed within this platform are provided by third party companies to support the information pertaining to CPR readiness. You may not use these materials for any other purpose other than for review. If you use these materials you are agreeing to not hold The Mindful Care Collective or The Mindful Nanny Collective responsible for any incident pertaining to CPR/AED support. 

Nanny Companies Supporting Your Career! (COMING SOON)

(COMING SOON) Welcome to just the beginning of this resource module.

If you are interested in partnering or advertising with us please complete the form here. 

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