The Mindful Nanny, Manny & Au-pair Stress Reduction Training

This training includes:

✔️ Two months of Virtual Yoga & Mindfulness instruction and connection with other caregivers around the globe.

✔️ 13 guided modules with resources to fully learn science based mindfulness.

✔️ Virtual programming that makes it easy for you to learn on the go!

✔️ Weekly Journal prompts

✔️ Weekly guided meditations

✔️ A workbook to guide you through the program one week at a time.

✔️ Printable PDF's 

✔️ Mindful Communication

✔️ Mindful Eating

✔️ Mindful Daily Routine practices

✔️ Mindful Movement that is gentle yet effective

✔️ 2 hours LIVE virtual training once a week with the completion of a reflection essay finalizes our time together.


✔️ 1:1 60-minute session with Alexaraye Vallejo

✔️ Lifetime access to the course.

✔️ Lifetime access to weekly community meditations

✔️ Lifetime access to private group chat through The Mindful Nanny Club


We include mindful career practices in working with employers to meet the family and career needs of a private home employee. The intimate setting of being a career Nanny brings in much joy, but, can also be one of the most challenging positions in the workplace. We teach you how to mindfully navigate this role in a kind and compassionate way!


13 Modules

The Mindful Nanny Training: Orientation

Welcome Friend!

I am so excited for you to begin your personal mindfulness journey. 

Included in this module is the welcome letter and digital well-being for our virtual class times with one another. 

If you are apart of the at your own pace training Complete this registration form here

I then encourage you to set up a free 1:1 orientation call with me.  We will spend approximately 30-45 minutes together going over your registration intake form and any additional questions you may have before our LIVE orientation class. 
Click Here to Schedule Your Orientation Call 

You should have now received confirmation emails with your login details, please save this link to the training membership to your bookmarks for quick access throughout the training. 

I am so looking forward to our time together! 


Alexaraye Vallejo

Mindful Diversity & Inclusion Module

We are constantly seeking ways to bring more inclusivity to members of The Mindful Care + The Mindful Nanny Collective. Please be sure to check back often as we will be continuing to roll out more and more resources to support children and childcare providers diversity and inclusion learning!

If you are interested in supporting resources or materials for this evolving space, or would like to be apart of this growing resource and what information is offered to the community please let the owner know.

Contact via: themindfulcarecollective@gmail.com

The Mindful Care Collective promotes a climate of purposeful inclusion of all. We foster the community by providing an intentionally welcoming and safe environment where all feel valued and cared for, and where all are given the opportunity to form meaningful connections with one another. We recognize honor and welcome the diversity of gender, age, race, ethnicity, national origin, range of abilities, sizes, sexual orientation, gender identity, financial means, and educational backgrounds.

Week 3


Wow, you are really building your toolkit to embody The Mindful Nanny Role!

I hope you are proud of yourself! I sure am proud of you! Give yourself a little hug because you are literally expanding and growing your mind as you complete each daily practice with your other fellow Mindful Nannies! 

Week 4


Can you believe it?! It is already week 4! You are cruising along and I am SO proud of you! 

Have any questions or concerns about the training so far? Remember I am just an email away so please feel free to contact me Here.

Feel free to post your wins and experiences as you make HUGE progress on your role to Embodying The Mindful Nanny Role. Be sure to TAG @themindfulcarecollective + @themindfulnannycollective! Every nanny should embody this self-care role! Caregiver burnout is a thing of the past!

Week 5

Hello or shall I say almost Mindful Nanny!

PHEW! It is already week 5! You are COMMITTING TO YOURSELF! and I am SO proud of you! 

Week 7 | Saturday June 18th 8AM-12PM (ALL DAY GUIDED SILENT RETREAT)

Dear Mindful Nanny!

Today marks a very special day for our group. I can't wait to experience our silent retreat together! Below in the description, I explain the next steps. 


Dear Friend;

Words can't express what an honor it has been to guide you along your personal path to Embodying The Mindful Caregiver Role. I am incredibly proud of each and every one of you! Thank you for sharing in your authenticity, your truth, your unfolding, and rebuilding. This journey is personal and different for each of us. I certainly grew during this course, and I continue to be so impressed by the caregivers we have in this world raising the next generation!


I hope you enjoyed our final practice and celebration today. I look forward to connecting with each of you in the future. 


Modules for this product 13
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